10 Cool Tips For Picking a Great Storage Spokane Facility

Storing your stuff can be expensive, but now the way Storage Spokane does.

It’s a wide held belief that storing your stuff can be much more expensive that you’d think.  Well that can be true, but there are some storage Spokane facilities that are doing things differently and less expensively.

Let me give you some tips about reducing your storage Spokane rates.

Storage SpokaneLet’s face it.  This storage Spokane facility is going to be taking care of your stuff.  If you didn’t care about your stuff, you could dump it in a field with a tarp over it.  If you do care about your stuff, then you’ll want to make sure that the people and place caring for your stuff are going to take good care of it.  Not all facilities are alike.  So, it’s worth doing a “little” homework.

1.    Get quotes from at least 3 Storage Spokane facilities.

I know getting 3 quotes is a pain in the butt, but trust me,  it’s worth it.

2.   Make sure that the Storage Spokane Facility includes a moving truck.

This may or may not be important to you and it may or may not be worth the added cost.  Good storage Spokane facilities will include a moving truck for the day.

3.   How close is the Storage Spokane facility to your home or work place?

Maybe having the storage Spokane facility across town is worth saving $50 a month, maybe not.  Maybe the storage Spokane facility is on the way to the dentist or the kid’s piano lessons.  Whatever the situation, at least be aware of the drive.  Take into account gas costs.

4.  Walk around the Storage Spokane facility

If the buildings are dirty, disorganized, and unkept?  Is the lawn mowed?  Is there trash laying around?  Are the building in need of repair?  Or does the place look like a top notch hospital?   The facilities represent the people running it.

5.   What kinds of stuff are people already keeping at the Storage Spokane facility?

If 99% of the people are keeping their boats, cars, and trailers there, do you really want to keep your Rembrandt?

6.  How often do you need access to your stuff?

If you drop by the facility once a year, then picking a facility across town my be no big deal.

7.  What time of day will you need access to your stuff?

Do you really need 24 hour access?

8.  How good is the storage Spokane facility security?

Take a look at and ask about: Fire suppression, possibility of water damage, halon, fencing, locks, temperature, humidy, fire department, Will other people have access to your stuff?

9.  Do you want self storage Spokane facility or a managed warehouse?

It all depends on what you’re storing and it’s value to you.  a managed warehouse will give you the very best service and security, but it is more expensive.

10.  How much do you want to spend?

Does the storage Spokane facility require a contract or lease?  How easy is it for you to get out of the lease?  How much is the monthly rent?  Do they require a deposit?  Are there moving in or out fees?  What about off hour access fees? Always ask for a discount.  Why?  Because most storage Spokane facilities will give you one, but you have to ask.

There are many great storage Spokane facilities in the area, but we recommend American Van Service, the oldest and largest facility in the area.

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