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Tips to Find the Right Movers when Moving into a New Home in Spokane

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Although the prospect of occupying a new home in Spokane, WA seems fun and exciting, the act of moving is not. You have to pack all your belongings into boxes, safely prepare to transport, load them on the truck, drive to your destination, and then rearrange them in the new premises after offloading and unpacking the boxes. On top of it, you have to do all these tasks without losing or damaging your valuables. files

No wonder many people contract professional moving companies to handle the relocation process. However, for you to have a perfect moving experience, you must identify and hire the right moving company. Otherwise, you might end up having a nightmarish and traumatizing experience. So, how do you ensure you find the correct moving company? Asking the following questions can help you accomplish that.

Is the company licensed?
When looking for a mover, the license is one factor you should never ignore. For a mover to operate across state lines, he or she needs a permit from the federal government and a DOT number. You can verify whether an interstate mover has the right paperwork, simply by calling the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Similarly, if the mover is operating within Spokane, you can find out the status of his or her license by contacting the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission.

What is the reputation of the company?
Irrespective of how anxious you might be to occupy your new home, do not just hire the first moving company that comes your way. Take the time to ascertain the company’s standing and reputation. How long have they been operating, do they have credible references who can vouch for their quality of service, is the company well known and so on? Luckily, thanks to the internet you can easily find reviews and comments from previous and existing customers revealing what they think of the moving company.weblink

Is the moving company insured?
No matter how careful the moving company is, accidents can still occur, resulting in the loss or damage of valuables. For this reason, hire a company which has adequate insurance cover. Inquire from the mover what kind of coverage it offers. Is it replacement insurance only, or do they also provide unique protection for expensive antiques and jewelry? Furthermore, find out what the extent of the company’s liability in the event of loss is. Is the cover a Full Value Protection or the Released Value Protection? To keep the moving cost low, many renters erroneously go for companies that have no insurance cover. Unknown to them, however, is the fact that even though companies with sufficient insurance cover do charge slightly higher shipping fees, the cost is justifiable more so in the event of a loss.

Are the people handling the shipping full-time professionals or sub-contractors?
It is not rare for moving companies to hire sub-contractors to carry out the move, especially when there is too much demand for transportation services. The problem with most of these sub-contractors is that they lack sufficient skills to handle the exercise safely. As a result, they are likely to mishandle, damage or misplace your valuables. Full-time professional movers, on the other hand, have the right skills, coordination, experience and motivation to execute a seamless and satisfying move. mover

What are the moving estimates?
Since the moving company is in business, logically they will charge you for their services. Give them as much detail as possible of your transportation needs, to help them give you realistic estimates. Once the firm provides you with the estimates, dig deeper and inquire what you will get for the quoted fee. Insist on getting a written estimate and not a verbal one. Furthermore, be on the lookout for hidden charges which only serve to drive up the overall shipping cost. If you are unsure of what a special fee is for, do not hesitate to the point that out. Moreover, research several moving companies and compare their estimates so as to get the right company. The idea is not to go for the cheapest, but rather the one that offers the best deal.

Does the company provide additional documentation to support the move?
Any reputable moving company will offer extra documentation in addition to the written estimates. Such includes;

i. The Bill of lading, which is a receipt of your items along with the agreement between you and the moving company.

ii. Order of service, which gives the carrier to ship your possessions from one destination to your new one, and

iii. The Inventory list, which is a receipt describing each of your belongings, and their state before the move.

Opt for a company that has such support material as they will make your work easier.

While moving requires a lot of work, you can make your life much easier by hiring a moving company to complete your move. By following the above tips you’ll be sure to make an informed decision when hiring!

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