Spokane Movers Moves Thousands of Teddy Bears To Santa’s North Pole

Today Spokane Movers, American Van Service, announced the record breaking numbers for last month’s Spokane Chief’s Teddy Bear Toss.  Every year American Van Service moves the teddy bears from the event at the Arena to the Spokane Fairgrounds for processing and eventual distribution to local children in need.

Spokane MoversEvery year the Chiefs’ fans participate in the national teddy bear toss.  From Ontario to Seattle, hockey fans across the continent anxiously await the first goal of December.  As the fist goal is made, thousands of fans toss new and slightly used teddy bears onto the ice.

Then event coordinators collect the teddy bears for needy children in the area.  Millions of teddy bears have been collected over the years and last month was no exception.  Spokane Chiefs’ fans  tossed 6,560 teddy bears onto the ice for the Teddy Bear Toss.  The 6,560 teddy bears was Chiefs  franchise record for stuffed animals.

This year the teddy bear toss was co-sponsored by  The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund and the Gus Johnson Ford Christmas Caravan.

Jason Farrow, Co-Principal and General Manager, of Spokane Movers, American Van Service said, “This is our home and we truly enjoy helping out the kids of Spokane.  We’ve been doing this for several years, and as long as Spokane Chiefs’ fans keep tossing teddy bears onto the ice, American Van Service will be there to transport them for processing.”

American Van Service is the oldest and biggest family owned and managed movers Spokane.  Being the Allied agent for most of easter Washington keeps them busy, but never too busy to help Spokane area charities.

For over 50 years, American Van Service has been moving Spokane area families and businesses.  As one of the preferred Spokane movers for Fairchild Air Force, American Van Service also get the chance to help our our military families.

For more information about American Van Service, check them out at or call 509-210-2600.

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Spokane Movers Offer Quality Moving Experiences

There are a number of questions you can ask Spokane movers to help you choose the most reputable firm to handle your moving needs and to ensure that you have a positive moving experience.

Does the firm offer affordable rates? Do they offer free estimates? When giving Spokane movers information about what you have to transport, be honest about how much you have. Special packages might be available to get you a lower rate. If you’re uncertain how much furniture you have, see if the Spokane movers offer free estimates.

Spokane Movers Are at the Top of Their Game!

Spokane MoversGood movers are licensed and insured. This is an important quality especially if you have expensive goods that require special handling. If your most prized possessions are too large for you to move yourself, take photos of your possessions before they are packed in case an unforeseen accident arises. Good Spokane movers do their best to avoid accidents.

Ask how long the Spokane movers have been in the moving industry. Even if you found a firm through a reliable referral, you still might want to find out how long they’ve been in business for your own peace of mind.

Find out if there is a minimum or maximum amount of furniture the mover hauls. Some firms will ask for one room, others may want to move more than that. Find out what will happen if you don’t meet the minimum or if you exceed the maximum on the quantity of items that you’re moving.

A Variety of Services Are Offered by Different Spokane Movers

Movers offer services that can include moving your furniture from the original location into a truck, and unload them into your new home or office. Some movers will park a storage pod outside your home and you load it up yourself. This type of service will significantly lower your moving costs but requires more work on your part. Let the movers know if there are stairs that have to be negotiated inside or outside of the building.

Also, ask the moving firm they will unload your truck or just their own vehicles. See if your mover offers a packing service or if they sell packing supplies. The price of moving is significantly less if you wrap and package all your own smaller household possessions.

Does the company move pianos? There are those Spokane movers which transport pianos and should be notified ahead of time. Pianos require special handling and significantly contribute to moving costs.

Once you start to pack up a home you may realize you have accumulated too much stuff, and you might want to know if your Spokane mover offers dump runs. We don’t realize that much of our clutter is unusable and having a truck at hand to make a dump run can offer peace of mind and minimize any stress in the moving process.

Some movers also offer cleaning services and provide storage. Others might even be interested in purchasing items or give you referrals about selling what you might not want to take with you. Spokane movers offer a variety of services when you’re ready to make a move!

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Moving Companies Spokane Offer A Wide Range Of Services

When it comes to moving companies Spokane, we offer a lot of services that many other movers in Spokane WA simply don’t offer. Our goal is to offer you services that make it easy for you to move from one place to another without spending a fortune. Our experience and our friendly movers Spokane will make your move quick and simple.

Pack with Moving Companies Spokane

Moving Companies SpokaneMoving companies Spokane often help with packing your home. It is our belief that you shouldn’t have to work harder than you want when it comes to getting ready to move. As a result, over movers Spokane WA will come out to your home before moving day and do all of the packing for you. We will bring all the boxes and all the packing material.

Our movers will go into every room of your home, methodically packing up cabinets, drawers, closets, bookshelves and much more. When you don’t have to do the packing, think about how much time you can save. It’s part of the benefit of hiring moving companies Spokane instead of trying to move on your own.

If you want to pack and just want the boxes, we can help as well. Movers in Spokane WA will be able to supply you with all the boxes you need in an array of different sizes. Sturdy boxes can go a long way to protecting the different valuables you have in your home. Our prices are affordable and it’s much better than relying on used boxes from various stores around the area.

Relocate with Moving Companies Spokane

Not all moving companies Spokane can move you to where you need to go. Over movers in Spokane can go wherever needed. This means across the state, across the country or even internationally. We will load everything into a truck and drive it to where it needs to go. If you’re going overseas, we will drive it to a loading dock and then schedule delivery service on the other end.

Spokane moving companies will handle the loading and unloading of the truck for you. We go one step beyond that and offer a guarantee, too. We are so confident that our movers know what they are doing that we will provide you with a written guarantee to say that we will be financially responsible for what we damage during the move. Not all moving companies in Spokane WA will do that for you.

Save Time & Money with Moving Companies Spokane

We understand that moving can be a stressful time for you. Of the various Spokane moving companies, we offer a number of services that are designed to give you more time to do the things that are important to you. This means offering such things as moving your vehicles for you, obtaining a storage unit for you and much more.

Moving companies Spokane WA charge differently. We invite you to get a quote from us and compare it to others. You will find that out of the moving companies Spokane you call, we will have the best price for the services we offer.

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The Best Moving And Storage Spokane

Moving and storage Spokane does not have to be a challenge or create trauma or dram in your life if you just do a few simple things before you move and plan to store business or household goods in Spokane. The same ideas apply if you are moving to Spokane for the first time or moving in the city and have lived there for all your life.

Where to find moving and storage Spokane

Moving And Storage SpokaneIf you live in Spokane your most reliable resource is people you know or at least have some relationship with. Ask coworkers, business associates, clients, friends, family member, your mechanic, or even your grocer who the best moving and storage Spokane companies are. Everyone likes to be thought of as an experienced expert so the information is free and definitely opinionated.

Getting individual comments about the moving Spokane companies that offer the best service, lowest rates, and best deals can help you narrow down the field easily and quickly. If seven out of ten people tell you to use one moving and storage Spokane company or to use a particular moving and storage Spokane company then you can quickly find the top three and the ones you want to deal with.

Even if you do not live in Spokane and only know your new employer ask them who the best moving and storage Spokane companies are. Most employers that have experience transferring employees or new hires to Spokane have experience with moving and storage Spokane companies because the employer usually pays for the move. This is a great source for free and accurate information.

Social media can be one of your best resources for finding moving and storage Spokane companies in Spokane. If you know Spokane or are moving to Spokane for the first time connecting with people in Spokane that know the city and businesses there through social media is one of the best ways to find the best moving and storage Spokane companies.

Social media gives you a resource for real world experience that is not controlled by outside interests.

What to look for in moving and storage Spokane companies

Moving and storage Spokane businesses are no different from anywhere else. You want a reputation for delivery that is on time, low rates, low mileage rates, clean and climate controlled storage, a guarantee for replacement of damaged or lost articles, and courteous service.

Packing and loading options should be available from the moving and storage Spokane company you choose so you can minimize your costs if you are paying for all or part of the move yourself.

Look for deals from moving and storage Spokane companies that offer lower rates and free packing supplies if you are doing the packing yourself.

A new employer, people you know in Spokane, and social media are also some of your best resources for finding the best deals and the best service available from moving and storage companies in Spokane. You just have to ask and people that have already had the experience are more than happy to let you in on the best info you need.

Planning, getting personal information from real people, and comparison shopping are the best ways to get the best deals from moving and storage Spokane companies if you are moving to Spokane or moving in Spokane.

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Why Movers Spokane WA Should Be Hired

Movers Spokane WA can make moving into your new home a lot easier. You have enough to worry about. The last thing you need to add to your list of things to do is procuring a truck and doing all of the moving. The more services you can find from a moving company, the less you have to do on your own.

No Need to Pack with Movers Spokane WA

Movers Spokane WAPart of the reason you should consider hiring movers Spokane WA is because of the added services you can benefit from. For example, you may want to forget about doing any of your own packing. Getting boxes and going from room to room is a time consuming process. Instead of doing this, you can hire movers to do it for you.

There are many moving companies that have movers Spokane WA to assist you with packing. They will bring all the boxes and packing materials that are needed. Many movers have also gone through training. This gives you the peace of mind that everything in your home will be boxed up carefully. You won’t have to worry about whether anything will break in transit.

It’s important that you have time to do what you need during a big move. Regardless of whether you are moving across town or across the country, there are things to do. If you’re stuck inside boxing up the contents of every cupboard and bookcase, you won’t have enough time to get everything done. The best way to give yourself more time is to hire a professional moving company. Movers Spokane WA will come out to your home and do all the boxing so there’s more time for you to work on other things.

No Need for Heavy Lifting with Movers Spokane WA

Moving from one home to another can be a back breaker. A lot of your furniture weighs a ton. If you have to move everything on your own, you’re going to be very sore for the next few days. If you’re too sore, you may even have to take time off from work. This is likely not something that you can afford. When you hire movers Spokane WA you don’t have to lift anything.

One of the main reasons that people hire movers Spokane WA is because it will allow them to not have to do any physical labor. You must remember that loading the truck is only half the work. You still have to unload the truck once you reach your destination. If you hire a moving company, however, they’re the ones dealing with it all.

The boxes, the furniture and everything else will be dealt with by the movers Spokane WA. Should something get damaged, you have someone to look to for financial compensation, too. It’s one of the best ways for you to move.

Moving is strenuous – there’s no two ways about it. If you don’t like the idea of doing everything on your own, there’s help. All you have to do is hire movers Spokane WA to assist you.

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Movers Spokane Need To Protect Your Belongings

Movers Spokane need to be respectful of your home furnishings and other belongings. Not all moving companies offer this, which means you need to know what you’re getting in advance. There are a few ways to prevent damage to your belongings. You must hire the right movers Spokane, which is the most important aspect of scheduling a move.

Reviews are Very Telling of Movers Spokane

Movers SpokaneYou don’t want to hire movers Spokane that are going to dump all of your things into the back of the truck. They need to be placed carefully. For this to happen, the movers not only need to care about your things but also have the right equipment. The back of the truck should have furniture pads, dollies and much more. Reviews can tell you what you need to know.

By reading reviews of movers Spokane online, you can find out what to really expect. Many past customers will leave reviews on various websites, telling of their experience. How people talk about the movers will help you establish whether these are people you want handling your own belongings or not.

Some movers Spokane are going to be more helpful than others. When you get two movers at your home that are courteous and take the time to move the heavy items out together, you can rest easier. Read the reviews carefully to see what people are saying about how the movers acted. You can save yourself a lot of grief by learning from other people’s mistakes.

You can find the reviews for movers Spokane on various websites. When you go to a search engine, you can do a manual search or you can go right to any directory where local businesses are listed. Most of these have rating systems that you can use to find out about the integrity of the movers

The Guarantee of Movers Spokane

The information you find out about movers Spokane can help you to avoid making a big mistake. Even if you hire a good company, accidents can happen. If a mover accidently breaks a lamp or something gets damaged during transport, you have to find out what a moving company is going to do about it. That’s where the guarantee comes in.

Any movers Spokane you consider should offer you a guarantee that everything will arrive in the same condition as it left. This means that if anything is scratched, broken or damaged, they should be covering the cost of repairing or replacing the item. Companies that are legitimate will happily provide this for you in writing.

Since you don’t want to replace all of your furniture due to careless movers, you have to look for a guarantee. Otherwise you will be left covering all of the expenses and they will have all of your money.

All of the moving companies vary in terms of how much they care about your belongings. By taking the time to research reviews and get a guarantee, you can find the best movers Spokane for the job.

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