What Not To Pack For Moving and Storage Spokane

You may think all your household items are safe for Moving and Storage Spokane. Well, you might want to think again.

What about batteries, fertilizer, or cleaning fluids? And what do you do with perishables like food and plants?  Each of these items require special handling.

All moving and storage Spokane companies, must follow stringent rules and regulations when it comes to moving.

Storage Spokane

Make Your List

In this video, we will give you a list of Moving and Storage Spokane tips of what not to pack on moving day, and steps you should take to ensure your move is both safe and smart.

Here’s the list of Moving and Storage Spokane items you should not pack.

All items that are considered dangerous and all perishable items. Dangerous moving and storage Spokane items include explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids, and solids and poisons. These items are illegal to move and any reputable moving company will not move them. Common examples are nail polish remover, paints, paint thinners, lighter fluid, gasoline, matches, and propane cylinders.

If you have any of these types of moving and storage Spokane items, be sure to either give them to a neighbor or call your fire station, recycling company, or the environmental protection agency office to find out how to properly dispose of them.

Other potentially dangerous moving and storage Spokane items not recommended for transport by the moving company include firearms, family photos, food and beverages in glass jars, perishable foods, and prescription drugs needed for immediate use.

Perishable moving and storage Spokane items include animals, food, and live plants. Refrigerators and freezers should be emptied out and cleaned out at least 24 hours before the move day, and should be properly dried to prevent the growth of mold.

Perishable moving and storage Spokane items can easily decay, rot, or spoil during a move and are not recommended as items to pack. However, if you’re moving locally, some companies may agree to move some perishable items if packaged properly.

Another category of moving and storage Spokane items not to pack are special items. Special items include exercise equipment, heavy electronic, domestic items, such as washing machines, dryers, and old playground sets. These items are not only a hassle to pack but are also extremely costly to pack because of how heavy they are. It’s best to leave these items at the old house if you want to save yourself a lot of pain and money.

The last category of moving and storage Spokane items that shouldn’t be packed are valuable items.

Storage Spokane

American Van Service

Valuable items include things such as passports, birth certificates, financial statements, medical records, coin collections, photos, and jewelry. Instead of placing your valuables in a box and sending them on a moving van, it’s best to keep them within reach and take them in a car with you when moving day arrives.

So now that you know what not to pack on moving day, let’s talk about some other steps that you can take prior to your move. Remember to drain oil and fuel from garden tools and other machinery, disconnect any battery operated equipment from its battery, and disconnect propane tanks and return them to collection centers.

By following these simple steps and remembering that dangerous, perishable, special, and valuable items are on the do not pack list, you will be moving and storage Spokane in no time. With Allied TV, I’m Joe Wicktorowitz, wishing you a safe and easy move.

We recommend that you check out American Van Service for all your Moving and Storage Spokane needs

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Dump it? or Stick it in Your Self Storage Spokane Unit?

Self Storage Spokane – Keep it or Dump it?

Did you know that Americas, yes even Washingtonians, and especially Spokanites (or however you spell it) have more stuff than every before?  That probably doesn’t surprise you.  But what may surprise you is that we have almost 5 times as much stuff sitting in self storage Spokane units today, not being used, as we did just 10 years ago!

Just 4 Sq.Ft of Self Storage Spokane

Consider for a moment, the four square feet in front of you.  That represents the average per capita of self storage Spokane shelf space used by everyone in Spokane! That’s according to the Self Storage Association, a trade group charged with measuring and tracking self storage Spokane statistics.

In the entire country, we have accumulated almost 2 billion square feet of personal storage space, housed in nearly 40,000 storage facilities around the country.

Self Storage Spokane in the 80’s

I remember hearing in the 80’s how self storage Spokane was going to be a growth industry.  I thought they were nuts.  I said, “Can’t people just put their stuff in their garage?  Who the heck needs self storage Spokane?”

Man was I right…. and wrong!  People did and still do put a lot of stuff in their garage, but guess what?  It ain’t big enough!  Hence the need for even MORE self storage Spokane facilities.

1 in 11 people in Spokane owns a self storage Spokane unit

That’s an increase of some 75 percent from 1995.   Last year we experience a 24 percent increase in the number of self storage Spokane units on the market.  Most self storage Spokane facility operators report 90 percent occupancy, with average renters staying 15 months.

At $60-100 and month for the average self storage Spokane unit, that’s a lot of mula$

Self Storage Spokane

American Van Service, Self Storage Spokane

How did self storage spokane become so popular?  It’s all about economics.  People made more and more money.  People bought more and more stuff.  But the cost per square foot for a home went up even faster.

People could afford the stuff, but couldn’t afford a house or garage big enough to keep all that stuff; hence more and more demand for self storage Spokane units.

If the economy is pinching your wallet, then my advice is get rid of all that stuff that you don’t use anyway and get rid of your self storage Spokane unit.  Or at lest get a smaller self storage Spokane unit.

But, if you have to keep your stuff, I have some even better advice for you.  Not only do you want a good place to keep your stuff, but you want it safe, and being watched by GOOD  people.

I highly recommend that you check out American Van Services for their Self Storage Spokane units.

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6 Important But Often Forgotten Things To Consider When Planning Your Moving And Storage Spokane

Locating the ideal moving and storage Spokane

provider does not have to be incredibly stressful or complicated. Relocating will be comfortably handled by outsourcing the job to professionals such as “American Van Service “. Packing up special belongings and transferring over the nation can be difficult, even tough it’s not necessarily the first household transition.

Moving And Storage SpokaneSeeking out the absolute most inexpensive moving and storage Spokane

company is not the most effective technique. Instead get a moving and storage Spokane company, which offers you the optimal benefit through customer service, expertise, and storage Spokane solutions. Below are great tips regarding how to take advantage of a moving and storage Spokane company.

You really don’t need to mark all those cardboard boxes before the moving and storage Spokane service comes. Many people commonly make an effort to prepare very important or delicate pieces on their own.

Preferably, let the qualified personnel load and storage Spokane

your breakable items, having any objects professionally packed up will help to reduce the potential of experiencing broken plates, glass furnishings, or shattered devices.

In city moves should have the equivalent amount of attention packaging, transporting, and positioning your possessions within the new home. It is always tempting to locate a few pals and attempt to execute the relocate alone nearby. However, this tactic can cause unwelcome injury from transferring things and close friends that believe it had been excessive work.

Paying off people in chicken wings and beer might seem to be a great idea, however this plan of action usually is not the best method to begin a relocate. This approach is dependent on the efforts of other people to pack a whole residence, transfer all of the items into a moving truck, then transfer the furniture into your new household.

Moving, because of a transition in career, is just about a routine for some people. Service members and careers that require flexibility for increased financial probability have to be open to moving in a short time frame. Cross country moves are normally extremely tough to do alone. We provide you with full service loading and can supply a total calculation on which charges you can expect when moving throughout the country.

Residences that are packed with superb detail and neatness help to make it easier to unearth items once the house is unpacked. Detailed records of what was shipped assist to guard against loss and offer you and your family members reassurance about their particular possessions.

Knowing that there is a chance of needing to move very soon after a move typically keeps people from opening boxes from the previous transfer.   You and your family can be certain that stored containers from a prior move will be provided the exact same treatment as most recent items.

It’s often common for people to take up residence in temporary housing when looking for a residence to purchase or rent. If there is a postponement in getting long term lodging, there may be long term and short term alternatives available.

Lastly, we highly recommend calling American Van Service and Storage Spokane.

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10 Cool Tips For Picking a Great Storage Spokane Facility

Storing your stuff can be expensive, but now the way Storage Spokane does.

It’s a wide held belief that storing your stuff can be much more expensive that you’d think.  Well that can be true, but there are some storage Spokane facilities that are doing things differently and less expensively.

Let me give you some tips about reducing your storage Spokane rates.

Storage SpokaneLet’s face it.  This storage Spokane facility is going to be taking care of your stuff.  If you didn’t care about your stuff, you could dump it in a field with a tarp over it.  If you do care about your stuff, then you’ll want to make sure that the people and place caring for your stuff are going to take good care of it.  Not all facilities are alike.  So, it’s worth doing a “little” homework.

1.    Get quotes from at least 3 Storage Spokane facilities.

I know getting 3 quotes is a pain in the butt, but trust me,  it’s worth it.

2.   Make sure that the Storage Spokane Facility includes a moving truck.

This may or may not be important to you and it may or may not be worth the added cost.  Good storage Spokane facilities will include a moving truck for the day.

3.   How close is the Storage Spokane facility to your home or work place?

Maybe having the storage Spokane facility across town is worth saving $50 a month, maybe not.  Maybe the storage Spokane facility is on the way to the dentist or the kid’s piano lessons.  Whatever the situation, at least be aware of the drive.  Take into account gas costs.

4.  Walk around the Storage Spokane facility

If the buildings are dirty, disorganized, and unkept?  Is the lawn mowed?  Is there trash laying around?  Are the building in need of repair?  Or does the place look like a top notch hospital?   The facilities represent the people running it.

5.   What kinds of stuff are people already keeping at the Storage Spokane facility?

If 99% of the people are keeping their boats, cars, and trailers there, do you really want to keep your Rembrandt?

6.  How often do you need access to your stuff?

If you drop by the facility once a year, then picking a facility across town my be no big deal.

7.  What time of day will you need access to your stuff?

Do you really need 24 hour access?

8.  How good is the storage Spokane facility security?

Take a look at and ask about: Fire suppression, possibility of water damage, halon, fencing, locks, temperature, humidy, fire department, Will other people have access to your stuff?

9.  Do you want self storage Spokane facility or a managed warehouse?

It all depends on what you’re storing and it’s value to you.  a managed warehouse will give you the very best service and security, but it is more expensive.

10.  How much do you want to spend?

Does the storage Spokane facility require a contract or lease?  How easy is it for you to get out of the lease?  How much is the monthly rent?  Do they require a deposit?  Are there moving in or out fees?  What about off hour access fees? Always ask for a discount.  Why?  Because most storage Spokane facilities will give you one, but you have to ask.

There are many great storage Spokane facilities in the area, but we recommend American Van Service, the oldest and largest facility in the area.

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Self Storage Spokane vs. Warehouse Storage Spokane – Which is Better For You?

Today there are more self storage Spokane options than ever before.

You have Warehouse, Portable, Self Storage Spokane, and Mini-Storage.   Today, let’s compare the two most commonly used forms of storage; Warehouse Storage and Self Storage Spokane.

Deciding what between a self storage Spokane facility or a warehouse spokane storage facility depends on may factors.  Too often people are tempted to choose warehouse storage simply because of its relatively low price. While you may save some money, you need to consider the pros and cons between warehouse and self storage Spokane facilities.

So, before you make a decision, consider the following characteristics regarding warehouse and self storage Spokane facilities.

Warehouse Storage Spokane

Self Storage Spokane

American Van Service – Allied Van Lines

A warehouse storage Spokane facility is usually a large commercial building that is used to professionally store personal and business goods; everything from household furniture to wholesale industrial goods.

What and Who Uses Warehouse Storage Spokane Facilities

These warehouse storage Spokane buildings can be used by manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and sometimes residential customers.  Usually these customers are storing large amounts of items at a very low cost. Some warehouse storage Spokane facilities include loading docks and forklifts to make moving large goods easier and far more efficient.

Now granted you could put the same things in a self storage Spokane facility, but often you’ll want the extra help you can get with a warehouse storage Spokane facility.

There are many advantages to storing large amounts of equipment and things in this way; however, there can also be a few drawbacks.

Employees In Your Warehouse Storage Spokane Facility

Often, warehouse storage Spokane facilities have very few people or workers involved on a day to day basis; instead the facility is completely automated.

Climate In Your Warehouse Storage Spokane Facility

Although the warehouse’s climate is carefully controlled, customers seldom have any say as to the temperature, humidity, etc.  On the other hand, the climate has very sophisticated climate monitoring.  So if you have climate sensitive items, this may be a very good choice.

Security In Your Warehouse Storage Spokane Facility

Warehouse security must be considered.  Your stuff is being stored right next to everyone else’s stuff.  They have access to their stuff just like you have access to yours. Usually your stuff is packed into large crates, so this is usually not an issue to most people.  But if you were storing a Rembrandt, you might reconsider this option.

Access To Your Warehouse Storage Spokane Facility

Usually warehouse facilities allow you access to your stuff only during business hours and some of them by appointment only.  But, let’s face it; if you need access to your stuff once on a blue moon and during business hours, this is not an issue.  On the other hand, if you need access to your stuff often and during all odd hours of the night, you can forget this option.

Self Storage Spokane

Let’s now take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a self storage Spokane unit.

Convenience of your Self Storage Spokane Unit

In the Disney movie “A Bug’s Life”, the Princess Ant, talking about the evil grasshoppers, said, “They come, they eat, they leave,”  Well, your self storage Spokane unit is kind of like that.  You “come, take stuff, and leave.”  Piece of cake.

Climate in your Self Storage Spokane Unit

Here’s the meat of it, you get a thermostat and you can set your self storage Spokane unit at whatever temperature you want.  Of course there is often little or no insulation, so you also get to flip the bill for electricity.  Your choice.

Security in your Self Storage Spokane Unit

This is not a bank.  There are no huge walk-in safes.  There are usually no armed guards or patrolling guard dogs.  But there is video surveillance a barbed wire fence, and a padlock on your unit.  That’s usually good enough for most self storage Spokane customers.

For either warehouse storage Spokane or Self Storage Spokane, we highly recommend American Van Service.

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Can You Really Reduce Your Spokane Storage Rates?

It is commonly thought that Spokane Storage requires a considerable sum of money.

You can either rent moving trucks or hire moving companies, but before you choose either of these, it is wise to first calculate which is cheaper.

Spokane Storage

Spokane Storage

If you opt for the former, make sure your moving and storage company includes a truck rental and fuel costs.

If you hire a moving and storage company, it may cost you a bit more than doing it yourself, but you are more assured that your belongings are safely handled by  professionals.

Professional?  When has “Moving Monkeys” ever been considered “Professional”?  When you’re as well screened, hired, and trained as the lucky employees of American Van Service.  Then you’d certainly consider them “Professionals”.

Whether you do the move or you hire professionals, you can cut down your Spokane Storage costs by doing the following tips.

Schedule your moving and Spokane storage during off-peak hours

One of the best ways to score huge discounts is to move when the demand for these services are low. If the date of your move is flexible, inform your moving and storage company and ask if they can offer a cheaper deal.

Decrease your moving and Spokane storage load

Pack only those things that are really essential.   Come on.  Do you really need those old 26 inch car tires?  What about that 500 pound concrete gorilla?  If you’re being charge by the pound, you might as well lessen your Spokane storage load.

Never hesitate to ask your Spokane storage company for discounts!

Typically, Spokane Storage companies base their fees on a book entitled Tariff 400, published by American Moving and Storage Association. Although most Spokane Storage companies normally take 40% discount on moving prices suggested in Tariff 400, you can still haggle more. Companies give additional discounts to attract costumers so they can stay competitive in their industry.

Pack your own belongings

Packing could be a part of your Spokane Storage services, but to save money, you could do it yourself and save a bit of money.

Gather several Spokane Storage estimates

Avoid Spokane Storage in-transit charges by having your new house and payment ready upon the arrival of the moving truck.

My biggest recommendation is to call Allied Van Lines for a no obligation Spokane Storage and Moving quote.

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