Can You Really Reduce Your Spokane Storage Rates?

It is commonly thought that Spokane Storage requires a considerable sum of money.

You can either rent moving trucks or hire moving companies, but before you choose either of these, it is wise to first calculate which is cheaper.

Spokane Storage

Spokane Storage

If you opt for the former, make sure your moving and storage company includes a truck rental and fuel costs.

If you hire a moving and storage company, it may cost you a bit more than doing it yourself, but you are more assured that your belongings are safely handled by  professionals.

Professional?  When has “Moving Monkeys” ever been considered “Professional”?  When you’re as well screened, hired, and trained as the lucky employees of American Van Service.  Then you’d certainly consider them “Professionals”.

Whether you do the move or you hire professionals, you can cut down your Spokane Storage costs by doing the following tips.

Schedule your moving and Spokane storage during off-peak hours

One of the best ways to score huge discounts is to move when the demand for these services are low. If the date of your move is flexible, inform your moving and storage company and ask if they can offer a cheaper deal.

Decrease your moving and Spokane storage load

Pack only those things that are really essential.   Come on.  Do you really need those old 26 inch car tires?  What about that 500 pound concrete gorilla?  If you’re being charge by the pound, you might as well lessen your Spokane storage load.

Never hesitate to ask your Spokane storage company for discounts!

Typically, Spokane Storage companies base their fees on a book entitled Tariff 400, published by American Moving and Storage Association. Although most Spokane Storage companies normally take 40% discount on moving prices suggested in Tariff 400, you can still haggle more. Companies give additional discounts to attract costumers so they can stay competitive in their industry.

Pack your own belongings

Packing could be a part of your Spokane Storage services, but to save money, you could do it yourself and save a bit of money.

Gather several Spokane Storage estimates

Avoid Spokane Storage in-transit charges by having your new house and payment ready upon the arrival of the moving truck.

My biggest recommendation is to call Allied Van Lines for a no obligation Spokane Storage and Moving quote.

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