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American Van Service – Teddy Bear Toss 2015

American Van Service Inc. just completed today the delivery of over 6000 stuffed toys for the Spokesman Review / Spokane Chiefs “Teddy Bear Toss” event.
The event started off Saturday night as the Spokane Chiefs played the Tri Cities Americans and then today we took our truck and delivered them out to the Fairground where the toys will all be provided to those in need this Xmas as gifts.


This is the 6th year we have provided the truck for storage and delivery services.

We are proud to help the community and make a difference during the holidays.





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Movers Spokane Need To Protect Your Belongings

Movers Spokane need to be respectful of your home furnishings and other belongings. Not all moving companies offer this, which means you need to know what you’re getting in advance. There are a few ways to prevent damage to your belongings. You must hire the right movers Spokane, which is the most important aspect of scheduling a move.

Reviews are Very Telling of Movers Spokane

Movers SpokaneYou don’t want to hire movers Spokane that are going to dump all of your things into the back of the truck. They need to be placed carefully. For this to happen, the movers not only need to care about your things but also have the right equipment. The back of the truck should have furniture pads, dollies and much more. Reviews can tell you what you need to know.

By reading reviews of movers Spokane online, you can find out what to really expect. Many past customers will leave reviews on various websites, telling of their experience. How people talk about the movers will help you establish whether these are people you want handling your own belongings or not.

Some movers Spokane are going to be more helpful than others. When you get two movers at your home that are courteous and take the time to move the heavy items out together, you can rest easier. Read the reviews carefully to see what people are saying about how the movers acted. You can save yourself a lot of grief by learning from other people’s mistakes.

You can find the reviews for movers Spokane on various websites. When you go to a search engine, you can do a manual search or you can go right to any directory where local businesses are listed. Most of these have rating systems that you can use to find out about the integrity of the movers

The Guarantee of Movers Spokane

The information you find out about movers Spokane can help you to avoid making a big mistake. Even if you hire a good company, accidents can happen. If a mover accidently breaks a lamp or something gets damaged during transport, you have to find out what a moving company is going to do about it. That’s where the guarantee comes in.

Any movers Spokane you consider should offer you a guarantee that everything will arrive in the same condition as it left. This means that if anything is scratched, broken or damaged, they should be covering the cost of repairing or replacing the item. Companies that are legitimate will happily provide this for you in writing.

Since you don’t want to replace all of your furniture due to careless movers, you have to look for a guarantee. Otherwise you will be left covering all of the expenses and they will have all of your money.

All of the moving companies vary in terms of how much they care about your belongings. By taking the time to research reviews and get a guarantee, you can find the best movers Spokane for the job.

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Services Offered By Movers Spokane

When you’re looking for movers Spokane, it’s all about the services being offered. We offer a wide range of services to ensure you get what you want. This means not having to do much at all towards the move. Our professional movers will help you every step of the way. You can choose to be as involved or as hands-off as you want to be.

Movers Spokane Offer Packing Assistance

Movers Spokane Our movers Spokane WA can help you in a number of ways when it comes to packing everything in your home.

Not all moving companies Spokane offer the same packing services, which is why it’s important to know what you want. We will happily bring you the boxes and packing material you need for your move. Tell us what needs to be boxed and how much and we’ll even help you decide which size boxes are needed. The packing material and tape will be high quality, protecting your valuables.

If you don’t want to pack, our movers Spokane will assist you there as well. Just schedule a day and time and our movers in Spokane will arrive with all the boxes and other material to pack up your home. Our professional movers will expertly empty your cabinets, drawers and everything else, packing them with care as if they were our own.

Movers Spokane Offer Storage Assistance

Moving companies in Spokane WA often work with storage companies. It doesn’t matter where you move, our movers Spokane can find you a storage facility for some of your things. We will help you decide on the best location and the perfect sized unit.

The advantages to getting a storage unit from us are that you don’t have to worry about it. Spokane moving companies that provide you with storage will also handle moving everything from your old home that you don’t want into your storage unit. This frees up space in your garage, attic and other places in your new home.

We will work to get you the lowest price on a storage unit. This way you have a cost effective storage solution for your new home, no matter where it might be.

What Other Things Movers Spokane Can Assist With

Our movers Spokane are full service, offering you a wide variety of services. Take a look at your to-do list and see what we offer. We may be able to help you with quite a bit on your list, saving you time and money. We aren’t your average movers in Spokane WA – we aim to please.

Our movers Spokane can help you with moving vehicles, relocating you to other parts of the country and even other parts of the world. Our connections stretch far beyond Spokane, giving you some of the best services that you can ask for.

We offer quality services for low prices. Our movers have years of experience and have conducted countless moves. What this means for you is that you will be better off with us than many of the other moving companies Spokane WA. When you want a move that is stress-free, our movers Spokane can help.

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How To Avoid Fraudulent Movers Spokane

Movers Spokane may be after your money more than they are concerned with offering you a quality service.

The only way to protect yourself against fraudulent movers Spokane is to know what you’re getting yourself into. Take the time to look into your options, do background checks and ask around town to see who the best company is.

Researching Movers Spokane

Movers SpokaneYou need to know a lot about the movers Spokane you hire before they get hired. This means you really need to do your research, even if it means spending a few extra hours on the phone or a few extra days considering your options.

The Better Business Bureau in Spokane can be one of the best ways to research movers Spokane. They will tell you the rating of the companies you are looking at. An A+ rating is the highest a moving company can get, which is where the companies moving your possessions should be. The BBB can also share complaints and fraud reports with you so that you aren’t hiring a company that has potentially victimized someone else in the past.

The movers Spokane you are considering has most likely helped to move other people before. This means you can look for reviews online. Whether you use social media platforms, search engine review sites or anything else, you need to find out what past customers have to say. They will talk about the prices, the friendliness of the movers, the speed of the move and perhaps most importantly, how the furnishings arrived at the new destination.

If you don’t spend the time to do some research on movers Spokane, you could be in for some surprises. Fraudulent movers are out there. By listening to what the BBB has to say and what past customers have to say, it can be very educational.

Asking the Right Questions of Movers Spokane

Movers Spokane need to be questioned. This can be done over the phone, in person or by looking up a lot of information on the company website. The more you know about a moving company, the easier it will be to avoid fraudulent movers. It may take some extra time to play twenty questions, but it will pay off in the end.

Movers Spokane need to provide a quote. They can do it over the phone or come out to the home. Regardless, a written quote needs to be received. This will protect you from overpaying. Otherwise the movers could show up on moving day, asking for more money because they don’t like the layout of your home or you have more boxes than they had intended.

Another thing you want to ask movers Spokane about is a guarantee. Some sort of guarantee should be given to you to ensure your things will arrive in good condition. A company should be paying for anything broken by their moving team.

Movers Spokane come from all walks of life, but you can find the right ones by doing some research and asking the right questions.

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Find The Best Movers in Spokane

Finding the best movers Spokane service does not have to be stressful.

Moving can be comfortably managed by outsourcing the task to professionals like American Van Service. Packing up personal belongings and moving across the country can be stressful, even if it is not the first family move.

Looking for the absolute cheapest movers Spokane

company is not the best strategy. Instead look for a movers Spokane company that offers the best value through customer service, experience, and storage options. Here are some tips on how to benefit from moving with Movers Spokane.

There is no need to try to do the packing and labeling of boxes before the movers Spokane arrive.

Many family members will try to pack important or breakable objects alone. Let trained Movers Spokane staff pack breakables, having the items professionally packed helps to limit the possibility of having broken dishes, glass furniture, or shattered electronics.

Local moves within the city need the same amount of care packing, transporting, and arranging the items in the new home. It is always tempting to find a few friends and try to conduct the move alone locally. However, this strategy can result in unwanted injuries from moving items and distancing friends who feel that it was too much work.

Paying friends or family in pizza seems like a good idea, but this plan often is not the best way to start a move. This approach depends on the efforts of others to pack an entire house, move the items into a moving truck, and then move the furniture into the new home.

Moving due to a change in employment is almost a habit for some people. Military members and careers that require flexibility for increased monetary opportunity have to open to moving in a short time frame. Long distance moves are typically very difficult to do alone.  Movers Spokane offers full service packing and can give a full estimate on what cost to expect when moving across the country.

Houses that are packed with great precision and organization help to make it easier when the house is unpacked. Detailed records of what was shipped help to protect against loss and give family members peace of mind about their belongings.

Knowing that there is a possibility of having to move soon sometimes keeps people from unpacking boxes from the previous move. Packed boxes from a previous move will be given the same care as current belongings.

It is common to live in temporary housing while searching for a house to buy or rent. Military members may be waiting for on post housing to open up. If there is a delay in securing long term housing there are long term and short term options available with Movers Spokane for keeping personal belongings safe.

New residents to the Spokane area may need reliable storage for one room of for an entire home or small business.  Contact Movers Spokane to receive estimates of our professional services.

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Another Great Movers Spokane Move

This is a great Movers Spokane video

with great music, showing what a great job American Van Service and Movers Spokane –  does with your move and storage Spokane needs.
It’s great that you can count on a great company like Allied Van Lines and it local owners, American Van Service, when Moving and Storage Spokane.

Long distance Movers Spokane

As long distance movers Spokane individuals and families have been moving with for nearly 50 years, there is no company better equipped to handle your move that goes out-of-state. When your move takes you overseas, choose the international movers Spokane who will get you there seamlessly.

Here at American Van Service and Movers Spokane,

we have nearly 50 years of international movers Spokane experience, transporting goods to nearly any destination in the world. We have a global network that is behind your international move from start to finish.

Our international movers Spokane services start much the same as our interstate shipments do, with a detailed and accurate survey to provide as precise a weight estimate as possible.

We provide these free in-home estimates to assess your needs and help plan your international movers Spokane services. All international moves are solely based on weight and volume. This means we can advise you on ways to reduce your costs without sacrificing excellent service.

Once we have an accurate weight survey, we then receive the latest international rates for weight and volume to your final overseas destination. We present an estimate based upon these rates and give you the best possible service for the price.

We also do small-crated shipments all the way up to 45-foot containerized shipments to any location in the world. Other international Movers Spokane services we offer include full-service packing, unpacking and debris removal, short- and long-term storage, vehicle shipping, piano moving, third party services, online shipment tracking, valuation protection options, customs clearance and more.

We recommend American Van Service & Movers Spokane for your moving and storage needs.

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