Dump it? or Stick it in Your Self Storage Spokane Unit?

Self Storage Spokane – Keep it or Dump it?

Did you know that Americas, yes even Washingtonians, and especially Spokanites (or however you spell it) have more stuff than every before?  That probably doesn’t surprise you.  But what may surprise you is that we have almost 5 times as much stuff sitting in self storage Spokane units today, not being used, as we did just 10 years ago!

Just 4 Sq.Ft of Self Storage Spokane

Consider for a moment, the four square feet in front of you.  That represents the average per capita of self storage Spokane shelf space used by everyone in Spokane! That’s according to the Self Storage Association, a trade group charged with measuring and tracking self storage Spokane statistics.

In the entire country, we have accumulated almost 2 billion square feet of personal storage space, housed in nearly 40,000 storage facilities around the country.

Self Storage Spokane in the 80’s

I remember hearing in the 80’s how self storage Spokane was going to be a growth industry.  I thought they were nuts.  I said, “Can’t people just put their stuff in their garage?  Who the heck needs self storage Spokane?”

Man was I right…. and wrong!  People did and still do put a lot of stuff in their garage, but guess what?  It ain’t big enough!  Hence the need for even MORE self storage Spokane facilities.

1 in 11 people in Spokane owns a self storage Spokane unit

That’s an increase of some 75 percent from 1995.   Last year we experience a 24 percent increase in the number of self storage Spokane units on the market.  Most self storage Spokane facility operators report 90 percent occupancy, with average renters staying 15 months.

At $60-100 and month for the average self storage Spokane unit, that’s a lot of mula$

Self Storage Spokane

American Van Service, Self Storage Spokane

How did self storage spokane become so popular?  It’s all about economics.  People made more and more money.  People bought more and more stuff.  But the cost per square foot for a home went up even faster.

People could afford the stuff, but couldn’t afford a house or garage big enough to keep all that stuff; hence more and more demand for self storage Spokane units.

If the economy is pinching your wallet, then my advice is get rid of all that stuff that you don’t use anyway and get rid of your self storage Spokane unit.  Or at lest get a smaller self storage Spokane unit.

But, if you have to keep your stuff, I have some even better advice for you.  Not only do you want a good place to keep your stuff, but you want it safe, and being watched by GOOD  people.

I highly recommend that you check out American Van Services for their Self Storage Spokane units.

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