Self Storage Spokane vs. Warehouse Storage Spokane – Which is Better For You?

Today there are more self storage Spokane options than ever before.

You have Warehouse, Portable, Self Storage Spokane, and Mini-Storage.   Today, let’s compare the two most commonly used forms of storage; Warehouse Storage and Self Storage Spokane.

Deciding what between a self storage Spokane facility or a warehouse spokane storage facility depends on may factors.  Too often people are tempted to choose warehouse storage simply because of its relatively low price. While you may save some money, you need to consider the pros and cons between warehouse and self storage Spokane facilities.

So, before you make a decision, consider the following characteristics regarding warehouse and self storage Spokane facilities.

Warehouse Storage Spokane

Self Storage Spokane

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A warehouse storage Spokane facility is usually a large commercial building that is used to professionally store personal and business goods; everything from household furniture to wholesale industrial goods.

What and Who Uses Warehouse Storage Spokane Facilities

These warehouse storage Spokane buildings can be used by manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and sometimes residential customers.  Usually these customers are storing large amounts of items at a very low cost. Some warehouse storage Spokane facilities include loading docks and forklifts to make moving large goods easier and far more efficient.

Now granted you could put the same things in a self storage Spokane facility, but often you’ll want the extra help you can get with a warehouse storage Spokane facility.

There are many advantages to storing large amounts of equipment and things in this way; however, there can also be a few drawbacks.

Employees In Your Warehouse Storage Spokane Facility

Often, warehouse storage Spokane facilities have very few people or workers involved on a day to day basis; instead the facility is completely automated.

Climate In Your Warehouse Storage Spokane Facility

Although the warehouse’s climate is carefully controlled, customers seldom have any say as to the temperature, humidity, etc.  On the other hand, the climate has very sophisticated climate monitoring.  So if you have climate sensitive items, this may be a very good choice.

Security In Your Warehouse Storage Spokane Facility

Warehouse security must be considered.  Your stuff is being stored right next to everyone else’s stuff.  They have access to their stuff just like you have access to yours. Usually your stuff is packed into large crates, so this is usually not an issue to most people.  But if you were storing a Rembrandt, you might reconsider this option.

Access To Your Warehouse Storage Spokane Facility

Usually warehouse facilities allow you access to your stuff only during business hours and some of them by appointment only.  But, let’s face it; if you need access to your stuff once on a blue moon and during business hours, this is not an issue.  On the other hand, if you need access to your stuff often and during all odd hours of the night, you can forget this option.

Self Storage Spokane

Let’s now take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a self storage Spokane unit.

Convenience of your Self Storage Spokane Unit

In the Disney movie “A Bug’s Life”, the Princess Ant, talking about the evil grasshoppers, said, “They come, they eat, they leave,”  Well, your self storage Spokane unit is kind of like that.  You “come, take stuff, and leave.”  Piece of cake.

Climate in your Self Storage Spokane Unit

Here’s the meat of it, you get a thermostat and you can set your self storage Spokane unit at whatever temperature you want.  Of course there is often little or no insulation, so you also get to flip the bill for electricity.  Your choice.

Security in your Self Storage Spokane Unit

This is not a bank.  There are no huge walk-in safes.  There are usually no armed guards or patrolling guard dogs.  But there is video surveillance a barbed wire fence, and a padlock on your unit.  That’s usually good enough for most self storage Spokane customers.

For either warehouse storage Spokane or Self Storage Spokane, we highly recommend American Van Service.

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