Spokane Movers Offer Quality Moving Experiences

There are a number of questions you can ask Spokane movers to help you choose the most reputable firm to handle your moving needs and to ensure that you have a positive moving experience.

Does the firm offer affordable rates? Do they offer free estimates? When giving Spokane movers information about what you have to transport, be honest about how much you have. Special packages might be available to get you a lower rate. If you’re uncertain how much furniture you have, see if the Spokane movers offer free estimates.

Spokane Movers Are at the Top of Their Game!

Spokane MoversGood movers are licensed and insured. This is an important quality especially if you have expensive goods that require special handling. If your most prized possessions are too large for you to move yourself, take photos of your possessions before they are packed in case an unforeseen accident arises. Good Spokane movers do their best to avoid accidents.

Ask how long the Spokane movers have been in the moving industry. Even if you found a firm through a reliable referral, you still might want to find out how long they’ve been in business for your own peace of mind.

Find out if there is a minimum or maximum amount of furniture the mover hauls. Some firms will ask for one room, others may want to move more than that. Find out what will happen if you don’t meet the minimum or if you exceed the maximum on the quantity of items that you’re moving.

A Variety of Services Are Offered by Different Spokane Movers

Movers offer services that can include moving your furniture from the original location into a truck, and unload them into your new home or office. Some movers will park a storage pod outside your home and you load it up yourself. This type of service will significantly lower your moving costs but requires more work on your part. Let the movers know if there are stairs that have to be negotiated inside or outside of the building.

Also, ask the moving firm they will unload your truck or just their own vehicles. See if your mover offers a packing service or if they sell packing supplies. The price of moving is significantly less if you wrap and package all your own smaller household possessions.

Does the company move pianos? There are those Spokane movers which transport pianos and should be notified ahead of time. Pianos require special handling and significantly contribute to moving costs.

Once you start to pack up a home you may realize you have accumulated too much stuff, and you might want to know if your Spokane mover offers dump runs. We don’t realize that much of our clutter is unusable and having a truck at hand to make a dump run can offer peace of mind and minimize any stress in the moving process.

Some movers also offer cleaning services and provide storage. Others might even be interested in purchasing items or give you referrals about selling what you might not want to take with you. Spokane movers offer a variety of services when you’re ready to make a move!

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