Spokane Moving Companies Should Be Reputable

Spokane moving companies can vary dramatically from company to company.

You want a great experience out of your move and hiring the right company can guarantee that happens. By doing a little homework before choosing a company, you can ensure you spend your money wisely and get a great service in the process.

Get a Written Quote from Spokane Moving Companies

Spokane Moving CompaniesOne of the easiest ways to ensure you’re dealing with reputable Spokane moving companies is to ask for a written price quote. Every company has a different way of pricing out the contents of a home that needs to be moved. Size, number of floors, weight of items, the sheer amount of items – it all can be used in calculating the cost of moving.

Spokane moving companies should be compared when it comes to pricing. This way you can see who is too low and too high. Ideally, you don’t want the lowest price and you don’t want the highest one. The lowest one is likely not giving you everything that you want. The highest one is likely trying to take advantage of you.

After Spokane moving companies have given you the quote, make sure to ask for it in writing. Once it’s written down, the company can’t go back on it. If you don’t get the quote in writing, they may show up to your home on moving day demanding more money – either because they are a scam or because they didn’t quote you right to begin with.

You can avoid all these problems with a written quote. All reputable Spokane moving companies will happily write down a quote for you if you ask. It’s when they refuse to put pen to paper that you need to be concerned.

Get a Written Guarantee from Spokane Moving Companies

Movers are not all the same. Some are professional and some are amateur. When it comes to moving the things in your home, you want professional movers that are going to show your furniture and other household items some respect. Otherwise you could end up with a lot of broken dishes and scratched up tables.

Only the reputable Spokane moving companies offer guarantees. Getting a guarantee over the phone isn’t good enough – you need it in writing. The Spokane moving companies should be willing to offer you some form of financial compensation in the event that a mover does break something of yours. Accidents do happen, but if you have to be the one to pay for it, that’s not fair to you.

If you only get a verbal guarantee, you could run into problems. Spokane moving companies may promise you the moon and the stars to get your business. When it comes to making good on promises, they may conveniently forget all about what they said.

There are some really great Spokane moving companies out there, but there are also some really bad ones. If you’re going to spend good money on your move, it needs to be spent wisely. By knowing how to spot the reputable companies from the scam artists, you can find better Spokane moving companies.

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