What Not To Pack For Moving and Storage Spokane

You may think all your household items are safe for Moving and Storage Spokane. Well, you might want to think again.

What about batteries, fertilizer, or cleaning fluids? And what do you do with perishables like food and plants?  Each of these items require special handling.

All moving and storage Spokane companies, must follow stringent rules and regulations when it comes to moving.

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In this video, we will give you a list of Moving and Storage Spokane tips of what not to pack on moving day, and steps you should take to ensure your move is both safe and smart.

Here’s the list of Moving and Storage Spokane items you should not pack.

All items that are considered dangerous and all perishable items. Dangerous moving and storage Spokane items include explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids, and solids and poisons. These items are illegal to move and any reputable moving company will not move them. Common examples are nail polish remover, paints, paint thinners, lighter fluid, gasoline, matches, and propane cylinders.

If you have any of these types of moving and storage Spokane items, be sure to either give them to a neighbor or call your fire station, recycling company, or the environmental protection agency office to find out how to properly dispose of them.

Other potentially dangerous moving and storage Spokane items not recommended for transport by the moving company include firearms, family photos, food and beverages in glass jars, perishable foods, and prescription drugs needed for immediate use.

Perishable moving and storage Spokane items include animals, food, and live plants. Refrigerators and freezers should be emptied out and cleaned out at least 24 hours before the move day, and should be properly dried to prevent the growth of mold.

Perishable moving and storage Spokane items can easily decay, rot, or spoil during a move and are not recommended as items to pack. However, if you’re moving locally, some companies may agree to move some perishable items if packaged properly.

Another category of moving and storage Spokane items not to pack are special items. Special items include exercise equipment, heavy electronic, domestic items, such as washing machines, dryers, and old playground sets. These items are not only a hassle to pack but are also extremely costly to pack because of how heavy they are. It’s best to leave these items at the old house if you want to save yourself a lot of pain and money.

The last category of moving and storage Spokane items that shouldn’t be packed are valuable items.

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Valuable items include things such as passports, birth certificates, financial statements, medical records, coin collections, photos, and jewelry. Instead of placing your valuables in a box and sending them on a moving van, it’s best to keep them within reach and take them in a car with you when moving day arrives.

So now that you know what not to pack on moving day, let’s talk about some other steps that you can take prior to your move. Remember to drain oil and fuel from garden tools and other machinery, disconnect any battery operated equipment from its battery, and disconnect propane tanks and return them to collection centers.

By following these simple steps and remembering that dangerous, perishable, special, and valuable items are on the do not pack list, you will be moving and storage Spokane in no time. With Allied TV, I’m Joe Wicktorowitz, wishing you a safe and easy move.

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