What To Expect On The Big Day With Moving and Storage Spokane

So your big moving and storage Spokane day has finally come.

You’ve packed up all your possessions, prepared your new home, and you are ready to actually start moving.

But you have no experience with moving and storage Spokane.

You’ve never moved before, how do you know what to expect? You may be asking yourself questions like, when will the movers show up, how will they pack my items, will they store my items, and what documents will I have to sign?

Storage Spokane

Don’t Stress!

Well, stress no more. We will answer those questions in a quick seven-step outline of what will take place on your moving and storage Spokane day.

First, the moving and storage Spokane company that you have chosen should notify you weeks in advance of when they will arrive.

There should be no surprises as to when the crew will show up. The driver is usually the supervisor of the crew and should be the person you go to with any questions or concerns.

Second, in order to ensure that all your moving and storage Spokane items arrive at your new house in the same condition that they previously were in, the company will compile a written inventory. The condition of each item will be assessed and noted. Be sure that you look over this inventory and agree with what was written about your items.

Third, Moving and Storage Spokane will move quickly to group each of your items together for packing and will use different boxes to do so. These boxes include specialty cartons for clothes, dishes, and other delicate items, and square boxes which can accommodate most of the other items.

Fourth, Moving and Storage Spokane will start to determine what the best order is to load each of your items. Be sure to watch which items are being loaded into the van and keep the ones that you will carry yourself separately. Some of the items you may choose to carry yourself may include items of high value and personal items.

Fifth, Moving and Storage Spokane will have a technique to packing and loading furniture items and other similar pieces. Each item of furniture will be pad-wrapped and strategically loaded into the van to ensure each item fits.

Sixth, to make sure your items don’t shift during the drive and become damaged, Moving and Storage Spokane will pack each of your items so they will fit tightly within the van. Don’t be concerned if your items seem out of place and unorganized. You will have the opportunity to tell the moving crew where to place each item in your new home.

Seventh, at the end of the day, when everything is loaded, the Moving and Storage Spokane crew will then present you with a document called the bill of lading. This document outlines your moving estimate, your selected level of valuation, as well as the expected delivery dates. Be sure to look this over closely before signing it.

So now you know what will happen on moving day, what can you expect on delivery day?

Well, first the driver will hand you the inventory, and as each box is moved into the house, the moving crew will call off the box numbers so you can check the item off the list. Once each of the boxes is moved into your new home, you will then be asked to sign the inventory sheets and the customer check-off sheet. Be sure to review everything before signing.

If any items are missing or damaged or if you suffer any property or auto damage, you should note this on the inventory and notify the moving company right away.

After delivery, it’s time to unpack. If you have requested and paid for Moving and Storage Spokane unpacking services, it will be done by the driver the day of unloading or the day after. Each box will be unpacked and the items set up in the rooms you previously requested them to be in.

So there you have it, a seven-step Moving and Storage Spokane outline of what to expect on moving day.

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